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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tablets, anyone?

Sooo, I've been off my computer for a while, but NOT by choice.  The stupid thing won't turn on most of the time.  I took it in to the repair shop, and of course, the expert could not find any reason for it doing so.  No fix.  I want to buy a tablet to replace it.  But I don't know which one I want.  There are a lot of choices, and there's something to love about all of them, depending on what you're looking for.  I think blogging requires a bit of tech-knowledge (is that a word? - well I like the sound of it).  So I'm asking if any of you have any experience with a tablet and could recommend one for me.  My requirements are that it has to be Android - I love that operating system - and I need to be able to download photos, so it should have a slot for an sd card.  I've noticed not all of them have that capability.   I hope to hear from a few of you at least!


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  1. My daughter as an IPad 2 but she just plays on it. Sorry, I'm of no help. I can wish you good luck though!