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Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun App.

I love birding.  And I love anything techie.  So I'm excited when I can combine the two.  Here's a great deal on an app I love and have been using for 2 years now.  Pretty sure I paid full price for it, but it was worth it.  It has a pretty extensive list of birds, photos, maps, and even several recorded bird calls for each species, which is a real bonus.  How many times have you heard a bird and wondered  which bird was making that sound?  Amazon is offering their Audobon Guides for half price until March 25.  Besides the bird app, they have one for identifying trees, flowers, mushrooms, insects, butterflies, and mammals.  Fun!

Here's the link to the apps:

Amazon Guides



  1. I could have used that app just last night when I was out walking the dog. I heard a very loud bird call....almost a screech, and then what sounded like a response. I never could locate the bird to see the size or what it looked like, but it sure was loud.

  2. What a great tidea! I'm not as techie but I would sure look into this if I ever get smart enough to have a smart phone. :)