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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Your Place in the World

I have to share my friend Jill's blog post from today.  She has got it all together!  She knows that what she is doing is worth while and she values her work.  Please try to remember that the people you work with and live with are impacted by the things you do and say every day.  You are important that way.  It doesn't matter if you are a CEO of a big corporation, a teacher in a classroom, or if you are a mother taking care of little ones inside your home.  In all situations, you are in contact with human beings and your reactions to them can either give them light or darken their day.  Jill is obviously someone who brings light to her students.  Check out her post for today:


  1. Oh my gosh, Marie! You've made me cry. Thank you so much for the kind words and for thinking I have it all together. I don't, but I do love my job and the wonderful students I work with! *HUGS*

    1. Jill - You have it together more than you think! Even though I wouldn't be so presumptuous, I would love to share your post on my facebook page, since I have several friends who are teachers and paras. (I used to be a para, too.) I think they would appreciate it. Anyway, I'm so glad I 'met' you :)

  2. Such a compliment! Of course you may share it and I thank you once again. YOU are so kind and I am the lucky one!

  3. What a kind and thoughtful thing for you to do.. hugs ~lynne~