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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Moving On

We're moving.  We've been in this house for 8 1/2 years.  That may or may not sound like a long time, depending on your lifestyle.  For us, it has been a long time.  It is the longest time we have been in one house.  My husband's job is the type of position that in order to 'move up' you need to move to another location.  And we have moved a lot.  This will be our 14th move since we married.  But this time it's not a move for a job change.  We're looking for a lifestyle change.  We are less than a decade away from retirement, we have several grandchildren, and we're ready for that 'place on the lake'.  So we put our house on the market, thinking it would maybe sell in a few months, but it sold within a week, and we have not been able to find the place we want to buy.  So, we're moving up to the ranch until we find the perfect place.  So now we'll have to move twice!  Not the perfect situation, but it can't be helped.

But as I sit here, looking at the piles of books, cd's, games, the mazes of packed boxes, I feel just a little sad.  A lot of memories were made in this particular house, simply because E. grew up here and two weddings happened here, and all 6 grandchildren were born here.  (Not really born in the house, but, you know...)  My husband and I have spent hundreds of summer evenings sitting on the deck, dreaming about our future.  The boys spent hours with their buds, hanging out down in the 'man cave'.   E. and her friends spent many summer afternoons splashing in the pool out in the back yard.  And where else would you find those swings?

   They hang from a 2 x 10 that has grown into the two oak trees - there is no way they will come down.

          And the infamous 'Nerf Wars' - I hope we find a house with a 'run-around' kitchen again :)

This is one of the grands when he was first born:

And here he is, three years later, instigating a nerf war.  They all grow so fast!


Thank heavens his Dad has someone to play with, hehe!

I guess I can be just grateful that I have taken literally thousands of photos over the past 8 years and saved them all on disks.  Life does go on and things have to change.  Change is good.