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Monday, April 25, 2011

Curmudgeon Cat

This is our cat, Ted.  He is a curmudgeon.  He doesn't like men, dogs, or children.  But he loves E and me, and most other women.  We've tried to pass him on to someone else numerous times when we get tired of the dog/cat fights, usually instigated by Ted.  He has a rather large 'bubble', and if the dogs happen to accidentally wander too close or into his bubble, he retaliates with unreasonable force.  All of our dogs have scratch scars on their noses.

But Ted does have a few redeeming qualities.  One of them is his ability to sense when one of us is needy.  Every time E is sick, Ted will not leave her side.  In this photo, he has had to settle for lying on the floor next to the sofa.  He would much rather be snuggled against E's side, but the leather sofa is off-limits and he knows it.  How does he know she needs watching?  I could understand if she was fussy or crying, but here she is with a tummy-ache and she is sleeping - none too obvious signs of illness.  There has to be another sense that tells him she is not herself today.

This is why we keep him.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Vintage Easter

I don't usually decorate for Easter because I generally dislike most of the decorations available on the market.  However, this year I am putting out some 'Vintage' decorations my mother gave me 2 years ago.  They were made by my grandmother decades ago - I would dare say at least 40 years ago!  She was a creative woman who liked making craft items, especially miniatures, so it would seem.  I haven't put this item out until now because it is something that should go on a shelf out of the reach of children.  Unlike most of the things I have around my house, this cannot be touched!  It's an egg tree made with real eggs - blown, dried, painted and decorated with scraps and bits of whatever she might have had in her stash.  Some of them also have her handwriting on them, which was exquisite.  Enjoy!

This lovely lady has an Easter Bonnet!  The hair and facial features are done by hand with ink.

This is my very favorite of all.  The little robin is cut out, most likely from a greeting card that she saved, and the "Happy Easter" is written in ink.

Two little lovebirds, paper cutouts again, with delicate embellishments at the top of the egg.

Note the tiny embellishments again, and the stand at the bottom made from lace and glued on.

I added the thimble so you can see how small these eggs are.  I don't know where she found eggs that small.  Being an avid birder, I really don't want to know.

The whole tree.  I had to leave some eggs off, as they were too damaged.  It's amazing to me that this many survived all these years.

Another little robin and beautiful musical notes done in ink.

This one is too damaged to hang on the tree, but I just can't bring myself to throw it away.

Wise old owl.

Most of my house is decorated with items passed on to me from my mother, my grandmother, my father-in-law.  Our home will never be a candidate for "House Beautiful",  but we feel comfortable having these old items around to remind us of those we love.

Happy Easter!