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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Bully? I Don't Think So.

I hear the comment often regarding blue jays:  "I don't like blue jays.   They're bullies."   Personally, I find them to be very entertaining and their bright splash of color on a winter day is a welcome sight.  They don't bother the other birds at my feeder, so I'm happy to see them come around.  On this day I sprinkled some seeds on the deck and got down on the floor to get some close up photos.  It kind of makes a mess of the deck, but always worth it to get that good shot.

We're heading to the Florida Keys tomorrow morning.  I'm more excited about new photo ops than I am about swimming and sunning.  What does that tell you about me?  :)


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  1. We have been gone on vacation too... I hope you had a marvelous time and soaked up some of the sunshine! And I fully understand the camera issue ~ on our vacation I gladly snuck away to take some photos and also found items in my sleep that I had to remember to get pictures of. :)