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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Men In the Kitchen

How do you feel about men in your kitchen?  That is, if you are a woman?  If you're a man and you're reading my blog, please don't be offended by this post, because you can just substitute women for men and garage for kitchen wherever appropriate, and you will understand just what I mean.

Some of the men in my family are creative geniuses in the kitchen.  I taught them to enjoy cooking - so much so, that I have to admit they may have surpassed me in their ability to create original culinary masterpieces.  I love to cook, but have always gone 'by the book'.  But my boys have encouraged me to think outside the box and we now create in the kitchen together, which I thoroughly enjoy.

However, the kitchen has always been my domain.  And it's a bit dodgy sharing it with someone else, let me tell you.  My youngest son is in college and living at home since he's attending college in our town.  He likes to cook and he cleans up after himself, but he doesn't do things EXACTLY the way I do.  I just came home from an eight day vacation in the Florida Keys.  It was a lovely vacation, but one thing I couldn't wait to do when I got home was cook a meal.  For the past 2 days I have been working my way around the kitchen, finding where he put things - not where I would have put them ;)  But I am grateful for help in the kitchen.  And he is very capable.  The ice maker in the refrigerator malfunctioned while we were gone, and he mopped the water off the kitchen floor and cleaned out the refrigerator.  I can't imagine what a mess we would have come home to if he hadn't been there!  So it's time for me to quit thinking that my way is the only way of doing things.

I think men just think differently about where things should go.  When I go looking for a tool in the garage I am totally lost and have no idea where to start looking.  My husband has a system, but it makes no sense to me.   I imagine the kitchen is just as foreign to him, since his culinary skills are limited to Campbell's Soup and peanut butter on saltines.

So I've decided that my kitchen is an open kitchen.  Maybe I'll even teach my husband how to cook something some day.
Or not.
We seem to get along fine the way things are - best not to mess with success  ;)


  1. Hi sweetie, what a cute post. Before Mr. P got ill he loved to cook, I miss those days. As you said the garage area was pretty foreign to me, until the last few years. I love tools good thing, latest adventure was changing out the door knob on the front door.. woo-hoo.... I can do this.. hugs ~lynne ~

  2. This was a darling post and I think you are oh so right! :)