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Friday, September 5, 2014

Change is Good: And It's Good to Be Back!

It's time to get back into the swing of things.  We spent a few months at the ranch and then found a lake home that we loved at first sight.  We moved in this summer.  It was a difficult move for all of us, mainly because we have too much 'stuff'.  It has taught us a lesson about acquiring possessions.  We think more carefully before accepting or buying anything these days.  And we are more apt to give things away, rather than hang onto them 'just in case' we might need them some day.
I sent E. off to her first day at the new school the other day and decided it was time to check in with my blog - finally.  When I saw the the last sentence of my last post, I felt it was so fitting because I had just posted a status on Facebook:  Sent my 'baby' girl off to her first day at a new school. She was nervous. So was/am I. Change is hard. But also good.  

Lake living is so much fun for all ages :)

Sometimes the view takes your breath away..

Embrace Change!



  1. Looks like a pretty place! I hear you on the "stuff" I have way too much stuff to move...but you never know:)

  2. Hello Marie, this lake is beautiful . . . when I was a little girl we would visit friends that had a cabin on a lake in Michigan. Going there to visit was some of my best memories. I always wanted a small cabin on a lake and I am so happy for you and your family. What a wonderful place to raise a family.
    When you commented on my blog you asked if I still needed another volunteer for the Blog Hop . . . Yes, I do! You will be my third and final blogger to sign on. Thank you so much. I am smiling from ear to ear:)
    I will need you to write a small bio of yourself and your blog and get it to me my Sunday. Then when I post on Monday I will include what you write. Then on the following Monday you will make a post similar to mine and introduce three blogs that you follow. Send your bio to my email.
    I am so grateful for your help, thank you again:)

  3. Hi Marie, I'm visiting you via Connie's link. I hope your daughter enjoyed her first day at her new school. A day full of lots of emotions for you both I expect. Your lake photo is beautiful, what a perfect place to relax.
    Ali xx

  4. Welcome back to blogging Marie - glad to hear things are going well and yes you have been busy! Your lake view looks fabulous!