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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lookin' at the Bright Side

 I don't know what's happening in your part of the world, but as you can see, Mother Nature has forgotten to look at the calendar here in our neck of the woods :)

I decided I may as well make the best of it and appreciate the beauty.  

 The swings have not seen any action in a long time :(

When I look at this pine tree, it seems to me as if it also feels a bit depressed.

Just like the look of these saplings against the fence.

E. wanted me to take a photo of this bird house before she left for school - she likes the way it looks.  I think she has an eye for a good photo.

I made this my cover photo for my facebook page this morning. I like the perspective.

My garden has an eery, dramatic look to it.  By this afternoon, it will just be drab and brown again.


This marsh willow looks like it has been whipped around in a wind storm.  Normally, the branches are upright. 

Another photo E. requested.  This weeping willow is her favorite tree.  You can see it has 2 large trunks that are almost horizontal, making tree climbing a snap!  If I can't find her, she'll be hiding out in this tree ;)

Enjoy your day wherever you are, no matter what the weather!



  1. It is beautiful but I sure am tired of it. My commute home was terrible!

    1. Oh no, Jill! Well, I hope you got a snow day today like we did :)

  2. Yeppers we have lots of snow too! We have had snow showers covering up the dirty parts every day sometimes many times in the day all week long ~ we haven't warmed up much yet... mid-thirties doesn't melt much snow. Love your pictures!

  3. Your snow is way prettier than ours! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! It is always great to meet other Minnesota bloggers..I think you must be south of us..and I will guess the Brainerd area. My cousin posted similar photos and she lives in Baxter..but of course I could be wrong! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, this is incredible.. we've had rain and a few flurries. I'm so ready for Spring to truly hit and stay.. fondly ~lynne~

  5. It has looked like that here in the last week. At one time earlier in the week we had over a foot of snow on our deck, but it is all melted now.
    the are predicting some more snow early next week, but I am choosing not to believe them. Here's to some real spring for all of us.