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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Early Dismissal

"Good morning", I whispered, as I gently touched E.'s arm - the same way I wake her up every morning.  She is not a morning person and I try to ease her into wakefulness each morning.  

"Nooo!" she says into pillow quietly.  "I was hoping for a snow day".

No such luck.  The sky is light and there is no sign of any precipitation whatsoever.

An hour later we walk up to the bus stop and still, no snow. 

Two minutes later, it's as if somebody has flipped a switch, and we have an instant snowstorm.  The ground is almost instantly white.  "Maybe you'll have an early dismissal today", I say, jokingly.

"What's that?", E. asks.  There has never been an early closing here, so she doesn't know what I'm talking about, so I explain.  

"I was just kidding, that won't happen", I tell her.

21/2 hours later, I have a robocall on my cell phone notifying me of an early dismissal.  

E. is going to be SO HAPPY!!! :)

This is my deck after only 2 hours of snow.  How much have you gotten so far?

I'm off to make fudge :)



  1. Argh! There's that fudge word again! :) Have a piece for me and enjoy your afternoon with your dear E!

  2. Up north here we just got enough to make the roads icy and enough that we have push the shovel.... so not too bad compared to the folks really down south. Have a fun afternoon!