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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's Coming!

Spring is coming!   No really, it is coming for sure this time, I know it.  We had another dumping of snow last Sunday, but we're being promised temps in the 60's over the next weekend.

I thought it was ironic to see an icicle forming on the branch right next to the new buds on this maple tree.  I took this photo early this morning while waiting for the bus with E.

We have a rooster pheasant who has declared our yard as his territory this spring. I like how you can see where his long tail feather drags in the snow wherever his tracks show up.

Just thought I would throw this one in.  Everyone loves pictures of deer.  There are a few that tend to wander into our back yard occasionally.  They have little fear of us, so I can usually get a few photos of them before they leave.  Last year E. was able to walk up to within 6 feet of a couple of them.

I'm seeing lots of birds that should be here at this time of year, but may be going hungry because of the unusual weather.  If they're insect eaters, they have to struggle for a while.   We also have swans, geese, and ducks here waiting for open water.

And there is a lot of talk about the fishing opener.  That's a big deal here in Minnesota.  Fishing Opener is a serious holiday here and generates a lot of revenue for resort owners, bait shops, etc.  Not to mention all of the fishermen/women who make reservations months ahead of time for that weekend.  So the DNR will not likely change the date of the Opener.  If the ice isn't off the lakes it makes it tough to go fishing.  And the ice is usually not safe for ice fishing anymore at that point either.  So, it will be interesting, to say the least.   It's not actually the first time this has happened.  It also happened in 1950.

What's happening where you are this Spring?  Is it a normal Spring, or are you seeing things that you haven't seen in past years?  Do you keep track of events on a calendar?

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  1. This spring has been just CRAZY! Here in eastern SD we are wupposed to be expecting some warmer temps too, can't wait!