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Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Pay Your Bills

1.  Feed all of the animals.  No one can possibly work with furry little faces waiting to be fed :(

2.  Clean up the kitchen (can't work with the breakfast mess staring you in the face either).

3.   Have a lovely soak in the tub - my personal indulgence of choice. You can substitute something else here as long as it doesn't take more than an hour ;)  Maybe a manicure, or some online shopping?  It doesn't matter, the point is, you don't want to go into this task feeling deprived, do you?

(Sorry, no photos available on this one!)

4.    Make the bed and straighten up your room.  Everyone knows clutter is distracting.

5.    Light a scented candle.

Now you have no more excuses to procrastinate!  Make it as enjoyable as possible, I say.  And last, but not least, chocolate makes everything more pleasant!


  1. That is on my list too - PAY BILLS! Funny how it usually isn't at the top of the list. :)