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Friday, December 9, 2011

That Moon

The full mooon.  Well, it's not officially full until tomorrow, but I like to get the party started early.  I'm talking insomnia.  It runs in my family.  My mom gave it to me, I gave it to 3 of my children, and we've all noticed that the full moon (along with a host of other things) keeps us awake.  And it isn't just the day of the full moon, it usually starts a day or so before.  Not sure if that's a psychological thing or a physiological phenomena, but it's there, and we can't deny it, so hey.

Anyway, what's on my mind this morning is bees.  Last night, we saw something on tv about bees and E. and I said we wish we could have beehives on the ranch and my husband said "Why not?".  She and I looked at each other and our jaws dropped.

I said, "But every time I mentioned having bees you told me you couldn't because you're allergic to them".

"I just meant that I can't handle them", he replied.  "Doesn't mean you can't."

E. and I looked at each other with big smiles and high-fived.

So now I have a new subject to research during these long winter months.  I love bees, and have no fear of them.  Does anyone have experience with beekeeping?  I would love to hear about it.  I took hundreds of photos of bees at the ranch this summer, because it's covered with wildflowers, but saw very few honeybees, sadly.  Just lots of bumblebees, and aren't they just the loveliest creatures, so fat, furry, and docile?

This butterfly bush was always full of bees and butterflies and bloomed for weeks.

I'm always happiest when I have a new subject to learn about!


  1. This is awesome, Marie! Love when my friends discover a new project, but love it more when they share their journey. Holding you to this, girlfriend! :)

  2. Yay...I look forward to hearing about your new project! I think it would be fun too...but not sure my neighbors would agree (grin).