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Monday, December 5, 2011

My Little Girl

This is E.

Butterflies land on her all the time.  Babies reach out to her in the grocery store.

She's a snake charmer.

She's a bookworm.

And not just fluff.  Her reading scores are off the charts for her age.  And yet, her reading teacher tells me  that she is immature.  It's true, she forgets her worksheets sometimes, she brings the wrong book to class sometimes.  She also doesn't wear make-up, care about dating, getting her ears pierced, what the latest fashions are, or having a boyfriend, like some of the other 5th grade girls are doing.  Frankly, that's ok with me.

She cares about identifying bird feathers, finding deer sheds, photographing birds.  She knows everything there is to know about every animal that's indigenous to our area, and how they affect their habitat.  (She knows what the word indigenous means, too).  To tell the truth, I think she's more mature than her teacher realizes...

I think E's pretty interesting, just the way she is :)

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