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Monday, November 25, 2013

Warm Wishes

Here is a 'warm fuzzy' for you on this chilly Monday morning.  This is Olive.  We adopted her from the shelter several months ago and she is such a blessing.  She's one of those rare social cats that greets everyone who comes to the door and hasn't met a single person she doesn't like.  Nothing seems to faze her, not dogs, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, small children, whatever.  Just having her around makes a person feel relaxed.  I think I'll make this my desktop background.  
 Happy Monday!



  1. Olive looks very happy and content! Bless you for adopting her. Thank you for visiting me - I am now following your beautiful blog. xo Karen

  2. Great picture - and what a relaxed sleepy kitty :) Thanks for visiting my blog ~ it is growing cold here again ~ that time of year.

  3. We've had our daughter's cat for five years or more. She is slobbery affectionate to husband and me. But if she hears a car door, door bell, or footsteps on the sidewalk -- she is off in a flash and hiding under the bed. I was shocked the other day when she stayed curled up behind my computer monitor when the four year old sat and played a kids game.