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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving.  It's all about family.  And specifically in our family, it's all about the littles!  I look forward to seeing all of them and my kids look forward to seeing all of their nieces and nephews together.  There is nothing better than cousins getting together for holidays.  When I was a child, I remember holidays with my cousins - I had something like 35 cousins, last time I counted.  And we didn't see each other sometimes for half a year or longer, but it didn't matter how long - we just picked up where we left off.  There was never an uncomfortable, get-to-know-each-other-again period.  That's the beauty of cousins.  It's like siblings, only without the baggage :)  My older four children didn't have cousins to hang out with when they were growing up.  They see the value of keeping their own children in touch with their cousins, though, and that is a blessing.  I haven't posted pics of my family in a long time, so I thought I would post some today.

Sugar works for Goldfish crackers :)

He loves his 'Scout'.

I keep one cupboard in the dining room empty for the Littles to play in.  They call it "The Mousehole"  :)

Lighting the candles on E's "Birthday Pie"

Yeah, this is me cutting the pie, E., the birthday girl, my oldest daughter with the video camera, and my oldest son, along with several of the Littles at the table, waiting for pie.  All five of my kids were here with their families, but the rest of them were too camera-shy, I guess.

"I want this one"


Getting sleepy with Papa John.

Switching over to Uncle's lap.

I hope yours was a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Take a peek at my food blog I just started -
Tasteful Regards at  I posted my instructions for turkey soup.  It's very cold and snowy here in MN and I'm in the mood for lots of comfort food, how about you?

Stay Warm!


  1. Happy Belated Thanksgiving ~ what a wonderful family you have (and the little peeps are precious) :) Minnesota weather - we have a good 10" of snow now and still coming down so we are definitely in a winter wonderland! Liked your post about "cousins" - I also grew up with lots of cousins it is so much fun! (and my children also did not) :)

  2. Hi Marie, loved seeing these precious photos of your family! I really love the 'mouse hole' - too cute! I grew up with many, many cousins, too - over 70 - some I never met. We had BIG family holidays that were so much fun. Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Stay warm! xo Karen

  3. Good Morning Marie, What delightful family photos. I especially like the "mouse-hole" . . . you are very generous to give up that storage space :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree that making Mug Rugs would be a great way to start quilting. Also, small wall hangings ( I've seen some of these made with transferred family photos) or a table runner. These are all small projects that could help you get a little practice before starting a quilt :)
    Have a lovely day and thank you again for stopping by.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)