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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring is Bustin' Out

I know many of you around the country have already experienced the spring flowers bursting out, but up here in Minnesota it takes a little longer.  My flowers are blooming before the ground is dry enough for me to work in the flower beds.  So even though the flowers are beautiful, my flower gardens are still looking pretty shabby.  Still, they are worth stopping and taking a look - they don't last long...

My photography instructor was right - the evening sunlight is the best light.

The grape hyacinth is bravely working its way up through the grass and creeping charley.

These tulips were open just a few minutes before I took this photo, but the sun began to fade and they closed up for the night.  I bought these as potted plants 2 years ago at the end of Easter season for only a dollar each.  I planted them, crossed my fingers, and they've come back each year.

No, these are not weeds, they're wildflowers!

Change of subject - this is my Sugar.  She is sweet!  I just had to post a photo of her because Margy over at Vintage Gardens and Distressed Life posted today that her beautiful Great Dane, Gypsy, refuses to come when called.  Sugar does not come when I call her either, if we're outside.  She stops and looks at me as if I am something to be studied for a moment, then decides I am not interesting enough and then moves on.  I keep treats in my pocket, and she LOVES her food, so you would think that would be enough motivation, but apparently not.  I know it is difficult for a hunting dog to focus on anything else when there are so many SMELLS to investigate.  And she is not quite one year old.  But it is embarrassing, especially considering the fact that I have successfully taken several dogs through obedience training in the past.  But I guess nobody bothered to tell that to Sugar.  But I love her dearly.  How can you not love this face? :)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out for my Blog!
    I love your photos and blog. Love the dog, so sad to read about your brother. I'm a follower now!