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Monday, April 25, 2011

Curmudgeon Cat

This is our cat, Ted.  He is a curmudgeon.  He doesn't like men, dogs, or children.  But he loves E and me, and most other women.  We've tried to pass him on to someone else numerous times when we get tired of the dog/cat fights, usually instigated by Ted.  He has a rather large 'bubble', and if the dogs happen to accidentally wander too close or into his bubble, he retaliates with unreasonable force.  All of our dogs have scratch scars on their noses.

But Ted does have a few redeeming qualities.  One of them is his ability to sense when one of us is needy.  Every time E is sick, Ted will not leave her side.  In this photo, he has had to settle for lying on the floor next to the sofa.  He would much rather be snuggled against E's side, but the leather sofa is off-limits and he knows it.  How does he know she needs watching?  I could understand if she was fussy or crying, but here she is with a tummy-ache and she is sleeping - none too obvious signs of illness.  There has to be another sense that tells him she is not herself today.

This is why we keep him.


  1. That is so sweet. It seems like even a curmudgeon kitty has some redeeming qualities.

  2. How cute! If I didn't have to clean up after a cat or dog, I think I would get one too :)

  3. Hi Marie,

    How sweet.I loved your story of your cat. Our Tiger seems to fight everyone in sight too. We think of him as 'grouchy', but he does adore us. :o) I've noticed that some of our pets seem very sensitive to when we are ill too but thought it was my imagination until now.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed my post yesterday. Ellen Sherman really has incredibly good insight into the ways we ought to treat each other. Her last article certainly helped me. :o)

    Nice to meet you!

    Donna @ Comin' Home