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Friday, December 17, 2010

Sons- and Daughters-in-law

There should be a Son-in-law and Daughter-in-law Day!  I love the people my sons and daughter have married.  John and I both feel so blessed that each of our 3 older offspring have found such wonderful spouses.

As a parent, there are several big events that you spend a considerable amount of concern over, such as will he be able to walk and talk like other children, will she be smart, will he graduate from high school, will she graduate from college, and what will the life partner be like?  Will we get along with him/her, and will he/she make my daughter or son happy?  We want what's best for our children, and that includes a healthy and happy relationship with someone.

I have to say that these 'latecomer' members of my family are also wonderful, loving parents!  Once those 'Grands' start to arrive, we transfer some of our concern to them, too - we very much want them to be raised by the best parents.

I have never heard of a day celebrating these special people that I have grown to consider my son and daughters.
Such a day does exist in the culture of Bengalis in India. It is a day which falls during the summer months as per the Bengali calendar. It is an age-old tradition to pamper the son-in-law on this day at the in-law’s residence. But nothing like this exists in our country.

So today, I say:
Dear Holly, Brianne, Matt - 

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