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Monday, May 20, 2013

Beautiful Jewel

This morning as I was paying bills at my kitchen table, I looked up and saw a flash of brilliant blue.  

An Indigo Bunting!  I rarely get to see one of these.  I grabbed my phone from the table and snapped a couple of photos.  They are not the best quality photos - a bit blurry.  But if I had gone to get my Nikon, it would have been too late, because within seconds, he was gone.

Nevertheless, my day is made :)



  1. What a beautiful bird! At first I thought it might have been an escaped parrot or something! Amazing color! We have the Grosbeaks here in WA State, too. But not the Indigo Buntings. Lucky you! xoxo

  2. Beautiful - they sure are vibrant! Our neighbor recently saw one also.... I have never had one here (but this year I do have very bright orange orioles)... Have a wonderful day!

  3. clap clap clap clap clap clap. Still on my "unseen" list of birds. Now I know who to visit. In spring we have an occasional (more like rare) visit of a Lazuli Bunting at our feeder, and I do see them when I go birding in the foothills of the mountains. What a gorgeous flash of intense color in your photo!