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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Different Perspective

A cold, cloudy day today.  We went to bed last night seeing a temperature reading of almost 60 degrees, had thunderstorms overnight with plummeting temperatures, then rain mixed with snow this morning.  But despite the dreary weather, looking through the lens of my camera always gives me a better perspective.  I love my camera because it helps me focus on beautiful little details that I would otherwise ignore. 

  I get so busy with my daily life, my chores, my constant rushing here and there.  I love that part of my life too, but I sometimes feel like life is passing me by and I might be missing something.

               So I get my camera out and take a stroll occasionally, which forces me to slow down.

Chickens are kinda relaxing to watch, don't you think?

One lonely pumpkin behind left on the patio table. 

Have a great week!


  1. Looks like you got snow too....but nice yesterday - wow we didn't get that warm! it is cold here only been in the 20's all day - guess winter is here! To make our pics bigger - after you have loaded them up "right click" on the picture and it should give you a menu bar above or below the picture - you can change the size and/or remove the photo.... Have a wonderful Monday :)

    1. Marie - just noticed as I was posting and enlarging pictures... you "LEFT CLICK" on the picture...

  2. You get it, Marie --- why all of us are so in love with photography. Love your photos. xo